Yarmony Ranch utilizes only the highest quality known black, purebred and full-blood genetics to produce the absolute best Wagyu meat available.  All of our cattle are fed an all vegetarian diet at the base of the Rocky Mountains and then harvested at the optimum point of production to ensure a superior marbling score and carcass grade to our customers.

To ensure the least amount of stress possible to our cattle, we offer and encourage the calves born at Yarmony Ranch to begin eating creep feed.  By doing so, we not only decrease any unneeded stress but as well, this adds to the marbling potential for these animals from the start.  Most of our cattle will be eating creep regularly within a couple of weeks after birth.  In addition, when weaning time comes for all of our cattle we only practice fence-line weaning, another way to reduce stress and increase the marbling potential of our cattle.

Yarmony Ranch cattle are always fed slow with the ideal endpoint being different for all of our cattle based on mature weight.  Our team hand selects the cattle that will be sent to harvest each week.  All of our cattle are humanely harvested at a USDA inspected harvest plant near where the cattle are finish fed to their ideal endpoint.  For many of our cattle the ideal endpoint will be around 30 months of age at harvest time.

After harvest, all of our cattle will hang in the cooler and dry age for 21 days.  We then fabricate all of our cattle based on the specific needs of our customers and then have the ability to ship only fresh product directly to our customers.  The commitment to fresh only product is another quality step in our operation to ensure our customers receive only the best meat possible to produce.

Finally, our team is in the process of obtaining and consistently using a beef grading camera that was designed in Japan.  Once this is in full use, we will be grading all of our beef each time and providing this information with any meat sent to our customers.  This beef grading camera will be able to grade our beef on both the “A” scale and the BMS scale as well.  Through initial testing with a borrowed camera, our cattle have consistently reached A5 with a BMS score of 8 or higher on a 1-12 scale.