Here at Yarmony Ranch we strive to consistently produce the highest quality, genetically superior Wagyu available in the U.S.  In order to predictably achieve this goal, we need to start with the right genetics.  Carefully selected and blended genetics are essential for success in every stage of production at Yarmony Ranch.  Blending the right Wagyu strains allows us to not only to produce superior meat but useful females for our next generations of Wagyu cattle as well.

The majority of full blood Wagyu in Japan are created by blending strains for optimum production.  We have educated our team and use internationally respected consultants in order to always practice the same concepts as Japanese genetic blending.  Yarmony Wagyu cattle are a planned combination of the three major strains from Japan.  These three strains are Tajima, Fujiyoshi and Kedaka.  Each strain contributes essential genetics needed for optimal performance.  

Tajima strain Wagyu offer excellent meat to bone ratio producing superior yield grades and the exceptional marbling necessary to produce the highest grading meat available. This strain is used to maximize our ability to produce meat with evenly distributed, intense fleck marbling.  The famed Kobe Wagyu utilizes the Tajima strain.

Fujiyoshi strain Wagyu is known for additional frame, and are utilized for optimum growth, excellent performance, and longevity.  Primarily we use this strain to help insure the production of functional, healthy cattle that increase performance.

Kedaka strain Wagyu is an essential component for the female focus of our operation.  Using the Kedaka strain, we select specifically for high meat quality, improved efficiency, and more productive females.  These females are important foundation building blocks needed for future generations.

On top of all of this our dedicated team follows the best animal husbandry practices to consistently produce healthy and vigorous cattle that grow into our premium product.  Yarmony Ranch takes great pride and passion in overseeing the breeding, growth, and production of these cattle.  Although our cattle are the main focus daily, we also believe the customer expects verification thus, all Yarmony Wagyu we produce are individually DNA verified and documented.