Our Little piece of the Rockies is a perfect place to RAISE JAPANESE Wagyu.

Our mission at EAST | MEATS | WEST is to consistantly provide the absolute best beef on Earth to a select group of partners that are interested in providing the world's finest dining experience. Our cattle is made up of 100% Fullblood or Purebred Japanese Black Origin genetics, and we carry on the age old eastern traditions to raise these calves with the best methods at every step.  The heard is always handled humanely with the highest commitment to respect, after all they are part of our family.

We only raise around 125 cattle a year to make sure that each and every one get's the special attention they deserve.  We offer the calves feed before and after weaning to reduce stress and increase marbling potential.  Terminal cattle are all weaned at the optimum time to enhance their genetic ability to grade above prime, which in one of the many reasons they consistently are graded at the very top of the scale - far ahead of prime and even most Wagyu in Japan.  All the grading is done by 3rd party Japanese experts, and taste tested at home, so we know exactly what is being sent out.  Passion is something that is evident in every aspect of Yarmony Ranch, especially the staff that make it all possible.  Every member of our team understands what it takes to accomplish excellence, and you can taste it.    


All of our cattle are directly traced back to the only black Japanese Wagyu female ever imported as an embryo into the US.  Yarmony Ranch started with 6 cows and has grown in the last ten years to the size that we know today.  We have paid great attention to the genetic selection of our cattle because genetics are the most important building block in the production of the highest quality protein.  We know that the genetic interval in cattle is the longest, typically taking about 4 years to fully evaluate the success, or failure, of a breeding decision.  This means that starting with the best genetics from the beginning is a crucial foundation for raising the world's best, and this is magnified in our Wagyu.

A Process that has been refined for 100's of years.

At Yarmony we have a small yet very passionate team that overseas every detail of the operation from conception to delivery.  We believe in only practicing the most innovative animal handling practices to ensure our cattle are managed with the best for the heard in mind.  Once the cattle have been bred, raised and fed to their optimum hanging weight of around 1000 lbs, we humanely harvest them and dry age our beef 21 days.  At the end of the aging process our beef is butchered to our customer's specifications, in a USDA inspected plant, and then shipped within a 30 day window based on menu needs.

East Meats West, Old Meets New

We are currently working with a firm in Japan to add a new level of dedication to producing the best beef in America.  Yarmony Ranch is excited to announce we are currently in the process of obtaining a special Japanese camera that can send photos directly from our ranch to a well respected Japanese third party for grading and evaluation.  Our desire is to provide customers with validation from the grading system used by the world's best, our meat will be graded on both the “A” and “BMS” scales.  We know our cattle will grade extremely well anywhere, and this next level certification gives our customers the extra satisfaction you deserve when making a purchase of this caliber.  All of this information along with a certificate of name, age, feeding days and genetics will be included with deliveries to ensure customers know everything about the beef they are purchasing, and their customers are eating.   

We are,
what we eat

We believe you are what you eat, and of course the same goes for cattle.  We work with an expert feed consultant who is widely recognized as one of the best in the Wagyu industry.  His 20+ years in the business have taken him to Japan countless times to serve almost 50 Japanese clients, so he is very familiar with the pinnacle of Wagyu production.  He has told us on several occasions that we consistently produce beef that will not only grade better than the average in Japan, it that will grade a remarkable BMS 10 or higher! 

Yarmony Ranch is the only purebred or full blood producer in America that produces with the quality and consistency of the Japanese expectation.
— -Feed Expert