Our Little piece of the Rockies is a perfect place to RAISE JAPANESE Wagyu.

 Yarmony Ranch, located in Jackson County, Colorado, consistently produces the highest quality delicacy in the U.S. utilizing only a verifiable Japanese genetic heritage.  In the U.S. this meat is known as Wagyu. 

Our vision and mission can only be accomplished one way, with a team that is passionate, fanatical and obsessive about what they produce.  This begins at pre-conception with the health, care and nutrition of the mother cow and continues 24/7 until the day of harvest.

Our team works hand in hand with Dr. James Horner in guiding and directing us to provide the best practices from Japan in regards to facilities, nutrition, caring and feeding of the animals.  Our team knows what they eat, if they eat and how much they eat.  They are never out of our sight. 

Average grade of the meat that comes from Japan is only graded at a 5.5.  We have purchased a special grading camera and all our meat is graded between an 8-10.  This grading is equivalent to the high A-5 in the Japanese grading system.


All of our cattle are directly traced back to the only black Japanese Wagyu female ever imported as an embryo into the US.  Yarmony Ranch started with 6 cows and has grown in the last ten years to the size that we know today.  We have paid great attention to the genetic selection of our cattle because genetics are the most important building block in the production of the highest quality protein.  We know that the genetic interval in cattle is the longest, typically taking about 4 years to fully evaluate the success, or failure, of a breeding decision.  This means that starting with the best genetics from the beginning is a crucial foundation for raising the world's best, and this is magnified in our Wagyu. 


A Process that has been refined for 100's of years.

Yarmony Ranch utilizes only the highest quality known black, purebred and fullblood genetics to produce the absolute best Wagyu meat available.  All of our cattle are fed an all vegetarian diet at the base of the Rocky Mountains and then harvested at the optimum point of production to ensure a superior marbling score and carcass grade to our customers.

To ensure the least amount of stress possible to our cattle, we offer and encourage the calves born at Yarmony Ranch to begin eating creep feed.  By doing so, we not only decrease any unneeded stress but as well, this adds to the marbling potential for these animals from the start.  Most of our cattle will be eating creep regularly within a couple of weeks after birth.  In addition, when weaning time comes for all of our cattle we only practice fence-line weaning, another way to reduce stress and increase the marbling potential of our cattle.